The MARC Group has developed a program to increase quality of life for service members and save the Department of Defense over $1 billion annually of appropriated funds by privatizing all commissaries in the U.S., Europe and the U.S. territories at no cost to the government.  Beginning with a no cost pilot test, we are prepared to implement a program which will demonstrate greater value, savings and customer service to military service members and their families.

Our program is in direct alignment with Secretary of Defense Austin and Deputy Secretary of Defense Hick’s 2021 defense reform initiatives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department’s enterprise business operations by modernizing and reforming the Department with detailed analysis, oversight and up-to-date private sector and commercial best practices.  A pilot test conducted by The MARC Group program will have definable metrics and be supported by rigorous analysis to achieve desired savings and verify the current CONUS commissary savings percentage at no cost to the government.

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic resulting in one of the largest dollar issues ever to negatively impact the DOD budget in the next few years, The MARC Group’s no cost program to test the privatization of military commissaries is more relevant than ever.  Our top U.S. supermarket partners will meet or exceed the savings benefit, offer the latest in technology and safety (online orders, curbside pickup and home delivery). 

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